I agree!

I agree!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reiki for Your Animal's Pre and Post Surgery

Perhaps, like me, prior to a childhood doctor's visit or hospital stay your parents did everything they could to assuage your fears.

Scary-looking instruments and frightening procedures, were explained in advance to make you feel comfortable (even if only slightly) and aid with the recovery.

Reiki does the same thing for your pet.

It calms anxiety.

This allows your pet to approach surgery,and follow up treatment with less stress.

As their health improves, Reiki's  positive energy continues to strengthen your pet's tranquility that is so beneficial to their recovery.

I was asked to visit the house of an outdoor cat that had been attacked by two new neighborhood dogs.

The prognosis was not great. The cat was old, the wounds deep and near vital organs. Swathed in bandages she was laid in the guest bathroom atop pillows and blankets.

I did not know the pet, and quietly entering the darkened room, could not even make it out except for the ragged breathing about four-feet away.

Standing for several minutes I softly told "Klink" I was sorry for his horrible accident, If he would allow me to perform Reiki for him, I promised it would not hurt,

Never stepping closer, I stood for 30-minutes and moved my hands out in the injured cat's direction. Guided solely by his occasional mews, I lingered over certain areas and moved quickly from others.

I am not sure Klink ever came out of his drug-induced slumber.

As I thanked him, his tail flipped.

Recognizing it could have been annoyance, an unplanned reaction or an act of gratitude I made my departure.

His owner called the next morning.

Although very wobbly, Klink had peed normally during the night and eaten some wet food.

Now four months later, he is again stalking his old hunting grounds.

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