I agree!

I agree!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Reiki Eases the Final Journey

The final journey for most pets is horribly stressful for them, and their owners.

The natural will to survive, coupled with their intuitive desire to ease their human friend's pain, frequently makes animals struggle to continue on.

Reiki eases that struggle, and frees the dying animal, and their loving owners, from anxious moments, hours and even days of desperation. 

The powerful energy is not used as a healing source. Instead, it serves as a bridge. Anxiety, fear and pain are replaced with calming peace. Lovingly nestled in such support benefits the animal and their humans.

I have been honored be at hand when numerous animals, pets and otherwise, required comfort to end their lives.

When the final breath is drawn, even for a feral animal, there is palpable sense the animal's gallant energy is released back into the Universe.

Such an ending is a blessing for them and those who love them.

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